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Summer's Not Finished Yet



    Summer's Not Finished Yet

    After a cool start - to the tune of lots of 40s in New England - we're thinking ahead to the warmup in the coming days.

    This isn't a 90s-or-bust kind of turn around, mind you. We're looking at 80s with a tinge of humidity. Certainly we've turned the corner in terms of summer heat, but I wouldn't count out the chance for isolated 90s, even into October.

    Speaking of counting, if you're keeping track, we're up to 20 days of 90 or better in Boston this warm season (normal is 14) and 28 days in Hartford. It's been a hot, dry summer, and so far fall has been a big flop in terms of erasing the drought.

    Long range, after the cooldown late this week, there are some signs that we could manage to bring in some healthy rain for the weekend. A wet weather system seems to have its sights set on New England. This isn't a promise, however, as the models have played this hand before...only to face-plant on the day of the event with a few sprinkles.

    So don't cancel plans just yet. We'll take it day by day and see how the forecast unfolds.