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Federal Government Closed for 4th Straight Day



    (NECN/ABC) - The monster snowstorm is headed out to sea, but it will continue to impact life for millions of Americans Thursday.

    Airports are struggling to return to normal. Some 2,000 flights have already been canceled. And it is another snow day for public school kids around Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

    A fifty-car pileup in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania partially shut down Interstate 80 on Wednesday.

    It is a sign of the monster east coast blizzard that set new snowfall records in the mid-Atlantic, and virtually shut down one-third of the country.

    More than 400,000 passengers Thursday morning were hoping to get on a flight, after massive cancellations

    In Pennsylvania and throughout the impacted area, more than 1,000 woke up to frigid temps inside and out. They are still without power.

    Several major school systems are closed. So is the federal government, for a historic fourth full day in a row.

    This wicked winter weather dumped up to two feet of snow in some areas. That is on top of the several inches that was still on roads and sidewalks in the mid-Atlantic region from a weekend blizzard. Mile after mile still needs to be cleared. 

    "I feel a lot of responsibility, especially for emergency vehicles to get through," New Jersey plow operator Ray Olivera said.

    The nation's capital, Baltimore and Philadelphia are just some of the cities where snowfall levels have re-written history, and where many residents have decided to make the most of it. 

    Residents will get a break to begin digging out. But it will not last long. Another storm could bring more snow from the nation's capital to New York City early next week.

    ABC's Viviana Hurtado reports in the video player above.