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Tropical Storm Lee Heads for Land



    (NECN/CNN: Chris Welch, New Orleans, LA) - As Tropical Storm Lee heads toward the Gulf Coast, Louisiana is bracing for heavy rains and strong winds. Some areas are expected to receive up to 20 inches of rain, while the storm will test New Orleans levees rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.

    After declaring states of emergency in some parishes, Louisiana Governor Jindal is urging residents to have an evacuation plan.

    CNN’s Chris Welch has the latest from New Orleans.

    Tropical storm Lee is getting stronger Saturday as it heads toward the Gulf coast. It’s already bearing down on southern Louisiana with heavy rains and battering winds.

    And some residents like Laura McCann, who survived Hurricane Katrina, are now preparing after New Orleans declared a state of emergency.

    “I took this hose pipe...I put that there so my little chair wouldn’t blow all over and I tied down as much of stuff as I could,” said McCann.

    Tropical storm Lee is expected to bring up to 20 inches of rain in parts of the Gulf, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal warned residents to get ready and have an evacuation plan.

    “I would remind our people, you hope for the best, prepare for the worst” said Governor Jindall. “The primary challenges for Louisiana will likely be a combination of heavy rainfall in combination with the rising tides. You are going to see flood watches, flash flooding especially in coastal areas.”

    Flooding has already begun, and the National Hurricane Center says some tornadoes may also be possible over southern Gulf states.

    “I'm not afraid of flooding right now because like I say because of the height of the house, but it’s the wind that I’m concerned about,” said McCann.

    But for now, the Gulf coast is bracing for the aftermath as Tropical storm Lee heads for land.