Democrat Gideon Wins Primary, Will Face GOP Sen. Collins

Three Republicans are also facing off for the opportunity to try to unseat first-term Democratic Rep. Jared Golden

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Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon beat two other Democrats on Tuesday for the right to challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins in a race that's critical to the battle for control of the Senate.

Gideon, who's raised a staggering $23 million in her Senate bid, turned back challenges by activist Betsy Sweet and attorney Bre Kidman.

Gideon is poised to further increase her haul: Her victory entitles her to $3.7 million from a crowdsourced fund for Collins' challenger that was established during the Senate fight over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation. Democrats were furious over Collins' vote in favor of Kavanaugh.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins is in an essential tie with one of the Democrats vying for her seat, according to a new poll from Colby College.

Speaking live online, Gideon attacked some of Collins’ votes and said she’s prepared to face the nation’s “unprecedented challenges” during a pandemic that threatens health, safety and the economy.

“If we’re going to come together and make real progress to improve the lives of people here in Maine and across the country, then we need new leadership. Because after 24 years in Washington, Sen. Collins has become part of that broken system, putting special interests and her political party first. And Mainers know it and feel it,” she said.

Collins has raised $16 million. The four-term senator is a household name in the state with a reputation for independence but Democrats are hoping to topple her over her critical 2018 support for Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's controversial appointee.

Gideon received early backing from the Democratic establishment, securing an endorsement from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and kept a laser focus on Collins, much to the chagrin of her challengers.

Kidman and Sweet criticized the Washington influence and said Gideon's vow to take money out of politics rang hollow as her own money grew into the biggest haul of any political candidate in Maine history.

The coronavirus pandemic didn't slow fundraising for a pivotal race for Democrats seeking to take control of the Senate. Gideon raised $9 million in the last quarter, extending her fundraising advantage over Collins.

The pandemic was, however, on the minds of voters.

"We've got tons of sanitizer, we're cleaning the voting stations every 15 minutes or so," said Dennis Martin, warden for the polling location at Portland's Reiche School.

"I have felt safe here today," said Barb Wood, a candidate vying to run for Maine's House of Representatives, greeting voters outside the Reiche School.

"We spent about $7,000, and we bought half a million pens rather than have a poll worker trying to sanitize pens all day," said Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap. "We don't anticipate any major delays in reporting results."

Democrats need to gain at least three seats to capture Senate control. Republicans are defending 25 of the 38 seats in play, even as Trump's deteriorating standing in the polls jeopardizes GOP candidates around the country. With Collins widely considered one of the GOP's most endangered Senate incumbents, her reelection would narrow Democrats' pathway to wresting control of the chamber.

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