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Hate the Cold? 5 Tips to Crush Your Outdoor Winter Workout

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Does the cold weather and snowy streets keep you from crushing outdoor workouts in the winter? Well, not anymore! Marathon running expert Rebecca Tadema-Wielandt shares 5 ways to stay safe and warm this winter.

Layer Up!

It’s all about the layers this time of year. It’s always easier to shed some layers than with you had more! Tadema-Wielandt suggests three layers: top breathable layer to protect from wind and rain/snow, a mid-layer to hold in warmth, and a base layer. The base layer is the “most important player” as it is closest to the body to pull away any moisture and sweat. 

Shine Bright

Morning and evening are darker than they are in the summer and it’s important to stay visible for traffic and other athletes on the streets. Tadema-Wielandt suggests suiting up with multiple points of visibility for 360 degrees visibility. To do this there are a few options: apparel with high-visibility colors, a light-up running vest, or blinking lights that can be attached (shoes, hats, shirts, etc.!)

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Running on and through snow, slush, and ice is not fun for anyone. So gear up to stay up! Tadema-Wielandt recommends adding spikes to the shoes with accessories like Yaktrax or invest in a pair of trail shoes. What’s the difference between a normal running shoe and a trail shoe?  The amount of grip, which is important for those icy roads.

Fresh Feet

Now, if you’re staying on your feet through the snow and ice, now you have to keep your feet warm! They’re going to get wet but how fast will they dry? Tadema-Wielandt and her team always recommend a synthetic or wool sock. "It’s a gamechanger because the natural fiber will pull moisture away from your skin and keep your feet warm and dry when your feet in your shoes are wet.”  

Heat Things Up Before You Hit the Cold

Warming your body up for any exercise is important, but especially when the temperatures outside are low.  So start your workout inside with some massage, yoga, or dynamic stretching.  When you get outside, your body will be more acclimated and ready to get right to work!

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