Boston Pays Tribute to Fallen Firefighters at Memorial

There was an emotional ceremony Thursday evening at the Fall Firefighters Memorial at the State House

The final alarm at the Massachusetts Fallen Firefighters Memorial at the State House in Boston represents those who have answered the call, no matter the danger, from around the Commonwealth.

On this seventh anniversary of the memorial, the city is at the center of the grief for its fallen brothers.

"I'd be lying to you if I told you it didn't bring us back to Beacon Street that day. They made the ultimate sacrifice that day. Their actions saved people in that building when they were able to self evacuate and they got lines in place and their efforts were heroic," said Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn.

Firefighter Michael Kennedy and Lt. Ed Walsh died battling back flames on March 26 on Beacon Street.

Their families, with tears in their eyes and lasting memories in their hearts, placed roses in commemoration at the Ring of Fire on this day no one will ever forget.

"Michael Ryan Kennedy was on Parris Island when the second plane hit. He was, of course, a first responder in many respects. Not only a marathon first responder, but in the Marine Corps also, answering the call. And he answered this call," said Kennedy's father Paul Kennedy.

"We're all missing Eddie. He was a great guy, meant the world to us, really a role model to the whole family. And he was a hero to us before he was a hero to the world. So he's missed every day. And the tributes he's getting are remarkable," said Worcester firefighter Paul McCaffrey, Ed Walsh's cousin.

And on this Sept. 11, time was also taken by Massachusetts leaders to remember the 343 souls of the firefighting men and women in New York 13 years ago, recalled for their sacrifice as part of the long blue line, the bravest of the brave. A total of 29 names were added this year, engraved at the Massachusetts Fallen Firefighters Memorial. 

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