Boston Police: Off-Duty Officer Did Not Tackle Pedestrian

4 month investigation reveals officer didn't use excessive force

Following an internal investigation, Boston Police say an off-duty officer did not tackle a pedestrian or slam his face to the ground in an incident caught on video in May.

Commissioner William Evans said in a press conference on Tuesday that the investigation revealed that a witness' accusations were unfounded, and that the man seen in the video had tripped on his own and fallen.

Police say new surveillance video shows Milton Gurin, 64, running down the street with off-duty officer Edward Barrett several feet behind him. Authorities say it shows Gurin tripping and falling, not being tackled as first suggested in the video that went viral.

Back in May, Gurin said he used his umbrella to hit the car that cut him off as he tried to cross Arlington Street in the Back Bay. In the video, you can see the off-duty officer stop his car and take off after Gurin.

“He went after the individual he believed broke his window to make arrest that’s why he used technique,” said Evans.

After a 4 month investigation, police said Barrett did not use excessive force.

Gurin’s attorney, Carlton Williams, who watched the news conference with his client outside Boston Police Headquarters, said police have made up details.

“He was running because someone was chasing him. And fell because someone was chasing him. And was injured because a person was chasing him.” Williams said.

Williams added that Gurin admits he crossed the street against the light and hit the car window in shock but says the response from the officer was way out of line.

“Does any of us feel that we should be chased down street? Does any of us feel someone should jump on top of us? Is that the Boston we want to live in,” Williams asked.

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