Police Searching for Teen who Jumped Into Quarry

Air and ground units are searching for the man at Fletcher Quarry

Milford officials are searching for a teen who fell into Warden Way Quarry.

Authorities say five friends from Rhode Island were taking turns jumping in when an 18-year-old male jumped and never resurfaced.

Five friends from Rhode Island were swimming at privately-owned Fletcher Quarry. It's a challenging terrain for even experienced swimmers, but still, three males and two females made their way inside.

"What they said to us was that, 'We all took turns diving in, and when he dove in, he hit funny," said Milford Police Deputy Chief James Heron.

He never resurfaced. Dive teams from multiple agencies, with special ropes and haul systems, searched for seven hours Sunday to no avail.

Authorities tell NECN the victim is in water more than 100 feet deep.

"We're ceasing operations for the evening due to the diminishing light," said Milford Fire Chief Bill Touhey.

The call came in Sunday around 12:30 p.m. for a missing person at the quarry. Crews have been searching ever since.

Mark Nelson, the deputy chief of Milford Fire Department, said the operation transitioned to a recovery about 90 minutes into the search.

"It is an old operating quarry. It has a lot of obstructions, a lot of debris, there is a vehicle in there right now," said Nelson. "It could be jagged rock, it could be the way that the individual landed in the water, and it's quite a fall from the ledge."

Friends of the victim are understandably shaken at how a trip meant for fun has a deadly outcome.

The search efforts will resume Monday.

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