Snow, Traffic Cause MBTA Delays

The snowy weather conditions and subsequent traffic backups are causing delays on numerous MBTA lines.

Commuter trains running on the Newburyport/Rockport line were cancelled when a mechanical problem caused the Beverly drawbridge to stick in the upward position. The situation resulted in major delays.

Emily Roth described the situation as a "nightmare," saying it took her husband more than 3 hours to commute home from North Station.

"What a mess," she said.

Keolis, the company that operates the MBTA commuter rail lines, said the bridge was back to normal as of 10 p.m. and service to the Newburyport line was resuming. There are still some residual delays.

The Framingham/Worcester line and seven other routes were also delayed 10 to 20 minutes due to snow.

A signal problem at Harvard station caused severe delays on the Red Line, but that problem now appears to have been cleared. 

Delays are also being reported on other routes due to traffic, weather and disabled vehicles.

MBTA service is suspended on Tuesday due to the blizzard.

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