Spring Mode

It took a while, but the clouds eventually let go of the coastline this afternoon. Payoff was a beautiful afternoon and evening. Temps however, were mighty cool compared to communities just to the west of Boston: we didn't even make 50 in many spots.

Meantime, overachieving warmth lurked across Connecticut and Rhode Island as highs again hit the 60s. Given that fact, I'm not exactly going out on a limb tomorrow with highs in the mid 60s.

The atmosphere is certainly primed for it. Full sunshine will be the final piece to the puzzle - and I expect that to be bright from sunup to sundown. Winds are more substantial in the afternoon than in Wednesday's warmup. As a result, the coast of Connecticut/Rhode Islands, both Capes, Buzzards Bay, the Islands and the coast of Maine east of Kennebunk will remain in the 50s.

A touch cooler on Sunday thanks to a subtle cool front that slides down from the north. That will help turn the winds onshore and push the warmth back into Central and Western New England. I still expect a few spots to touch 60, but that may be the last of it as the pattern turns cloudy and wet.

Onshore winds - with clouds and showers - are the hallmark of a New England spring. It's not uncommon for that to repeat for days either. (Notice the foreshadowing here.) Unfortunately, that may be what we have coming next week with a few weather system slowly moving through New England. On some days, we'll be hard-pressed to get out of the 40s.

All the more reason to enjoy the weekend. Make it a good, safe one!


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