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Misspelling Web Addresses Can Lead to Trouble, Experts Say

"Typosquatting" occurs when malicious sites are registered, meaning an incorrect URL could result in Internet users being led to the site, rather than receiving an error message

A simple typo in a web address can lead internet users to look-alike sites capable of installing malware, stealing sensitive personal and financial information or even locking up computers, NBC News reported.

"Typosquatting" occurs when malicious sites are registered under a similar URL to a popular website, which can result in internet users being led to the site rather than receiving an error message, like espn.cm or turbotax.cm. John Breyault, who runs the National Consumers League's Fraud.org, said the scam is "definitely getting worse." His website recently issued a fraud alert about it. 

"You may go to a site that looks totally legitimate, but when you enter your Social Security number, bank account number or passwords, you’re giving scammers access to those websites where they can transfer funds, set up lines of credit or access your email and start using it for phishing attacks," Breyault told NBC News.

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