Mom Turns Herself in Decade After Fleeing with Child: U.S. Marshal Service

Genevieve Kelley disappeared with her daughter, Mary, into Central America in 2004

A New Hampshire woman who fled with her 8-year-old a decade ago during a custody dispute has turned herself in to face trial, though authorities say the whereabouts and condition of her now-adult daughter remain unknown. 

Genevieve Kelley, of Whitefield, disappeared with her daughter, Mary, into Central America in the fall of 2004 after her attempt to prove her ex-husband had harmed the child backfired. Police felt Mary's father, Mark Nunes, was unfairly accused. He was never charged with a crime.

At the time, the U.S. Marshal Service said Mark Nunes had full custody of Mary due to allegations of mistreatment by Genevieve Kelley. The child and her mother, now 50, went missing along with Genevieve Kelley's then-husband, Scott Kelley. 

The U.S. Marshal Service investigated numerous tips through the years. In August, several months after Mary turned 18 and was no longer subject to the family court, the investigation was intensified with a large publicity push that included her story airing on the CNN program "The Hunt," hosted by John Walsh of "America's Most Wanted" fame.

The marshals said Kelley turned herself in Monday in Lancaster, New Hampshire, and was arrested. Her lawyer said she wants to face a jury on her custodial interference charge. She is currently in the custody of the Coos County Sheriff's Office and is scheduled for an initial court appearance on Monday afternoon.

Kelley said Mary is safe, but marshals said the location and well-being of her daughter is still unknown.

Anyone with information on the location of Mary Nunes or Scott Kelley is urged to contact U.S. Marshals at 603-225-1632.

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