Sanders Distances Himself From Clinton on Social Security

Campaigning at a New Hampshire senior center, Bernie Sanders was talking Social Security.

"We need not only to extend Social Security benefits – we need to expand them," the Democratic presidential candidate said.

Sanders says he would extend the life of Social Security benefits to 2065 while expanding benefits by lifting the Social Security payroll tax. And he had another message for senior voters.

"I've introduced legislation to do this - I think Secretary Clinton and I have a difference of opinion on this - is what we call 'scrap the cap,'" Sanders said.

The Sanders campaign has indicated that with just three months left till the primary, it plans to take the gloves off, with Sanders being more aggressive and drawing sharper contrasts with Clinton - like on Social Security.

"There are many, many differences between Hillary Clinton and myself," Sanders told necn.

Clinton is running strong in the polls following last week's Democratic debate, but that doesn't mean her campaign feels it can now ignore Sanders.

Some Clinton supporters are calling on Sanders to fire members of his staff over alleged sexist remarks, including campaign manager Jeff Weaver, who was quoted as reportedly jokingly saying, "we are willing to consider her for vice president."

They've also expressed outrage over a comment at the debate.

"All the shouting in the world is not going to do what I would hope all of us want," Sanders said at the debate.

Sanders, Who prides himself on being a feminist, didn't stop to respond to a question on whether it was fair for people to label him a sexist.

The candidate is doing well in New Hampshire, but he needs to convince more Democrats like Bob Backus, a Clinton supporter.

"I hate to say it, but I think it's the electability factor," said Backus. "I'm old enough, I remember George McGovern, and you know, a lot of us loved him, but he didn't do very well."

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