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WATCH: Man Flips Out at Bagel Shop Over Woman's Rejection

The man started his meltdown while waiting for his food, seemingly targeting women for rejecting him due to his shorter stature



    'Bagel Boss': Man Has Meltdown at LI Bagel Shop Over His Height

    The man was cursing women, particularly those on dating sites, for slighting him due to his short stature as he freaked out at the eatery. Another customer eventually brought him down after the angry, short-fused man was asking people to step outside with him. NBC 4 New York's Ray Villeda reports.

    (Published Monday, Aug. 26, 2019)

    Short people got no reason — to be this mad.

    A man’s freakout at a Long Island bagel shop went viral on Wednesday, after a woman at the store recorded the incident.

    Diana Reyes was waiting in line at Bagel Boss in Bay Shore to pick up a bite for breakfast when the man, whose identity is not known, started his meltdown, seemingly targeting women for rejecting him due to his shorter stature.

    “Why is it okay for women to say ‘Oh you’re five feet (tall)’ on dating sites, you should be dead — that’s ok?” the man exclaimed as he threw down his newspaper. After a woman off-camera asked if anyone at the eatery had said anything like that to him, the man blamed “women in general, on dating sites” for slighting him.

    “Everywhere I go I get the same f-----g smirk, with the biting lip,” the enraged, short-fused customer said.

    Another man tried to calm him down, but the man did not want to hear it from him. “Shut your mouth, you’re not God, or my father, or my boss,” he said, pointing his finger up at the man’s face.

    After that, things got physical, with the angry patron asking the other man if he wanted to “step outside,” and bumping into his chest. He dared another customer to “go ahead and attack me” after telling him to shut his mouth — so the customer did exactly that, seemingly bringing the man down by his neck.

    That’s when Reyes got out of there, saying as she walked away “I just wanted bagels.”

    Social media helped bring the man’s freakout to new heights, with the video getting thousands of views by Wednesday night. Another video, which appears to have been taken just after the events of the other video, shows the short-tempered man arguing with and cursing at the majority female staff before storming off — but not before throwing his order to the ground, according to the store owner.

    “We still tried to give the guy the food, because after everything that happened we were like, ‘You paid for it, here’s the food,’ and he chucked food at our face, threw it on the floor,” said Alex Rosner.

    NBC 4 was unable to reach the man for comment.