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At Under $2 a Gallon, Cheap Gas Luring Maine Drivers

Drivers are traveling to Waterboro from all over Maine to take advantage of cheap gas prices



    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015)

    According to AAA, there are now 18 states with gas stations selling regular gas for under $2 a gallon.

    Maine is the most recent addition to the group, but the bargain is only available in one town in rural York County, where the Town Line Deli and Bakery on Waterboro's Main Street decided to go rogue and drop the price to $1.99.

    "We're a brand new business," said Scott Hayes, store manager. "We just opened just last year so we're trying to build up the clientele."

    Their chief competitor, Lakeside Market, decided to take the plunge, too. The result has been a sudden traffic boom in this town of 6,200.

    "I drove all the way from Westbrook," Roland Lemay said.

    During his 23 mile drive to Waterboro, he calculated his savings.

    "Before in 'O8, it was $60. Now it's $30. Buy one, get one free!" Lemay said.

    Seventy-eight percent of Mainers use their cars to get to work and many, including Kurt Butkiewisz, use them all day long. He logs 500 miles a week in his F150 making sales calls.

    "It's a big deal because it's mileage I have to put on. I can't avoid it," he said.

    By seeking out cheap gas, he's spending $30 less a week than this time last year.

    Consumers aren't the only ones trying to maximize their savings. NAPA Auto Parts in Waterboro has a fleet of four delivery vehicles that together put on 8,000 miles a month.

    "It's one of our free services to customers. The delivery is free," Chris Crippen, NAPA Assistant Manager, said.

    So when fuel costs drop, that money goes back in the company's pocket. Crippen says their fuel costs are down $650 a month from 2008.

    The savings trickle back into the economy in all kinds of ways.

    "Now I can buy new guitar strings," said Scott Link, a musician who drove to Waterboro from Old Orchard Beach.

    "It lets me do more on the weekend without worrying about the budget," Butkiewicz said.

    And at the Town Line Deli, things are very busy.

    "Everybody's getting extra hours in the store, so it's working out for everybody," Hayes said.

    But now that that word is about about cheap gas in Waterboro, motorists may be saving money, but they'll be spending more time waiting in line for their turn at the pump.  

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