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Want To Be A Better Mom? Get A Facial

Why Self-Care Is The Key to Balance

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If you barely have time to shower these days in order to get your to-do list done, Hands Free Mama and bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford says go ahead and get a facial or pamper yourself and you'll get MORE balance in your life.

Sound crazy?

Sure life is chaotic, especially these days. #Thisis2020, after all. But, that doesn't mean a little time out isn't necessary. It is. In fact, it's critical for a better you and better balance for the entire family.


Stafford says often parents are conditioned to put others first but, "When you take that time for yourself, notice how you feel afterward. Notice how you respond. More lovingly, more patient. And it's important to tell your kids, 'I'm practicing self-care. I'm mothering myself because if I don't mother myself, who's going to mother me?'"

She says your children will learn from you how to start to mother themselves. It's an important lesson you can teach them.


Stafford says, now more than ever we have the opportunity to prioritize ourselves. We are all so depleted, but the pandemic forcing more home time allows us the chance to squeeze in a little YOU time if you decide that it is important.

For more great tips, watch the full Mom2Mom episode with Stafford here.

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