Maine Judge Orders Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attack That Injured Woman, Killed Puppy

Dog's owner was found guilty of two counts of keeping a dangerous dog

A judge in Maine has ordered two pit bulls euthanized after a brutal attack that injured one woman, and killed a puppy in Winslow last summer.

The pit bulls’ owner, Danielle Jones, was found guilty of two counts of keeping a dangerous dog on Tuesday. Her dogs Bentley and Kole broke out of their fencing and attacked Jones’ neighbor, Sharron Carey, back in August.

Carey suffered injuries to her hands that require surgery, and watched her Boston Terrier puppy, Fergie, die.

“It was a nightmare,” said Carey. “It still is.”

Prosecutors presented evidence that the pit bulls had attacked unprovoked before, while Jones’ defense attorney argued that the pit bull breed was being unfairly demonized, and that the court case was politicized.

Jones took the stand in her own defense, and blamed the August attack on the actions of a fourth dog, who is seen in security camera footage running in the same area as the pit bulls. Jones said her pit bulls were provoked, and when they got out of the fencing, they went after the first dog they saw — which happened to be the terrier.

“This was about justice for Fergie,” said the victim’s husband, Bill Carey.

Jones has 30 days to comply with the judge’s order to euthanize.

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