Suspects in Fatal Shooting at Recording Studio in Custody

Nine weeks after a teenager was shot and killed in Portland's Old Port district, police in Maine say both suspects are behind bars.

Portland Police arrested 30-year-old Gang Mejok at his girlfriend's home in Saco Monday and charged him with murder and elevated aggravated assault.

Police say Mejok and 20-year-old Johnny Ouch entered a recording studio on Fore Street in Portland on the night of May 25th. Chief Michael Sauschuck said there was an altercation in the recording studio before the shooting.

Two people were injured, and 19-year-old Trey Arsenault died from his injuries. The other victim, who police have not identified, is still recovering from gun shot wounds but is no longer in the hospital.

"I'm very much relieved that this other person is off the street," said Arsenault's mother, Nancy Laxson. "I knew the day was coming."

Laxson said she will attend every court appearance Mejok and Ouch have, and never wants to see them released from prison.

She said her family still does not know what the altercation in the recording studio was about.

"He was just there listening to a girl sing," said Arsenault. "Shots were fired, and to my understanding, he went running. That's when he was shot several times."

Police said Mejok, who goes by the street name "Gang Bang," has a lengthy criminal record, including assault and drug trafficking. He was arrested outside of Sangillo's Tavern on the same night that a shooting took place in 2014, but police have only called Mejok a "possible suspect."

Mejok makes his first court appearance Wednesday afternoon.  

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