3 Simple Moves That Will Get You Motivated to Work Out At Home

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Getting motivated to workout can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be that way. “Kick It By Eliza!” founder, Eliza Shirazi, shares her tips to fit exercise into your day with equipment you already have laying around the house.

Shirazi explains that you can supplement bodyweight workouts with home items like a dishtowel or an inexpensive resistance band that takes up hardly any space in your drawer.

Three Moves To Try:

  1. Reverse Lunge – Put your arms straight out in front of you holding the towel or resistance band. As you pull your arms apart to create tension, step back into a lunge. Alternate legs and keep resistance on the dish towel or band to make the movement a full body exercise.

  2. Get Up Sit Up – Sit on the ground with your legs bent, heels connected to the floor, and toes pointed up. Hold your arms straight in front of you and create tension again with the dish towel or resistance band. Inhale as you slowly lower to the ground; exhale as you sit up.

  3. Arm Pulses – Hold your arms straight out in front of you holding the towel or resistance band. Gently pull your hands away from each other and pulse. With the dish towel, you will feel your muscles flex and release. With the resistance band, you will be able to pull it apart slightly and then back to center. Be sure that when you bring it back to center, you don’t allow any slack to gather, keep it tight.

For more tips, you can find Eliza on social @kickitbyeliza.

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