Police: Tow Truck Driver Tows Car With Child Inside, Abandons Him Nearby

An Illinois tow truck driver has been charged with child endangerment after he allegedly towed a car with a child inside and then abandoned him at a nearby business.

Authorities arrested 52-year-old Brian T. Clark and charged him with Child Endangerment and Reckless Conduct. He allegedly discovered the child, 11-year-old Faraz Ramzan, in the backseat of a car he was towing in Glendale Heights, outside of Chicago, and then let him out at another location before driving away.

"When I opened the door and came outside, I saw my car wasn't there," the boy's father John Ramzan said. "People told me he took my son and the car." 

Ramzan said that he was inside of a nearby mosque delivering a pizza when the incident took place on Friday night and that he was only inside for three minutes. 

The boy's family says that he is disabled, and bystanders tried to get the tow truck driver to stop when he left the scene with the boy in the backseat. 

"I banged the window," Iqbal Ahmad said. "I yelled there was a kid in the car, (but he didn't stop)." 

Ramzan's car was parked in a nearby shopping center, and signs are posted warning that unattended cars can be towed, but he says that it was clear that his son was inside. 

Once officers arrived on the scene, they determined that the tow truck driver had discovered the child inside, let him out, and then left him at another location. 

A citizen saw the unattended child and transported him back to the mosque where the vehicle was towed from, police said. 

"He cannot talk," John Ramzan said. "He was crying. He was in the car and he cannot say what happened." 

Officers then scanned the area and located a tow truck in the parking lot of a local business with the vehicle attached, according to a press release.

Clark was released on bond, and a court date has yet to be set. The towing company Clark works for has not responded to NBC5's request for comment, and it was not immediately clear if Clark had an attorney.

"I don't understand how he didn't see my brother inside," Faraz Ramzan's sister Keiran said. "It makes no sense." 

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