The Best Classic Moules Frites Recipe

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In this episode of The Chef's Pantry, Anna Rossi shows us her delicious approach to preparing Moules Frites, a national dish of Belgium made up of mussels and potatoes.

Anna says while you may think of summer as the season of seafood, Moules Frites is best served in the winter.  

To kick things off, Anna's pro moves for picking the best mussels, her "spa tip" for polishing them up, and an outstanding broth to bathe them in.

Next, we are on to the frites. (You can't have Moules Frites without the french fries, right? ) Anna shares a trick on how to slice the potatoes, and how to use an air fryer to get the fries just right.

She finishes them off with a sprinkle of salt and rosemary and a homemade aioli dipping sauce.

To complete the dish? A glass of bubbly.  What could be better than that?

Watch the complete Chef's Pantry episode above and let us know if you have any Moules Frites tweaks to share!

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