Brookline, Mass. Firefighter Charged With DUI

The Brookline, Massachusetts, Fire Chief confirms yet another firefighter has been arrested over the weekend.

This time it's Jeremy Joseph, nabbed for operating under the influence and leaving the scene, according to Chief Paul Ford. Details of the arrest are still unclear.

This comes as a firefighter, 37-year-old Joseph Ward, was arrested for assault and battery for allegedly beating a man outside Anna's Taqueria because the man took too long to order his food.

"Such allegations are troubling and the town of Brookline takes them very seriously. If these allegations are substantiated, swift and appropriate action will be taken," Ford said.

In the meantime, Ward's alleged victim, Jeffrey Gagnon is speaking out.

"The guy hit me with a bottle, then he was on the ground pounding," Gagnon recalled.

Ward was in court Tuesday. A not guilty plea entered on his behalf and he was released on personal recognizance.

Prosecutors say he followed Gagnon outside of the taqueria calling him a "homeless expletive."

Gagnon says he's not homeless and he didn't hear the insults.

"As I was leaving that guy hit me in head, dropped me on the ground, started hitting me, straddling me, and then he threw a burrito at me," Gagnon said.

Both firefighters have been placed on administrative leave until the investigations are complete.  

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