As Cold Weather Approaches, NH Restaurants Push to Extend Outdoor Dining Deadline

    There’s a push to extend outdoor dining past the Nov. 1 deadline in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, while possibly turning downtown into a “winter ski village.” Many downtown restaurants don’t have a lot of space indoors, so makeshift patios on city property have been a lifesaver. But now, that November deadline is looming. “You know, everything has been a worry...


    Push to Extend Outdoor Dining in Portsmouth

    As temperatures begin to drop, restaurants in New Hampshire are getting creative with their outdoor space to keep customers coming back.

  • Maine Oct 26, 2019

    Windy and Cold Weather to Dampen the Weekend

    We start our Saturday on the colder side of a front came through last night with a bit of rain, and once again some of our tallest mountains are coated with a little bit of snow to start our weekend. Today is the day to get outdoors and take it all in, as any early clouds clear out, we have...

  • Boston Feb 1, 2019

    Greater Boston Dealing With Dangerously Low Temps

    Frigid temperatures blanketed the region Thursday morning following Wednesday night’s snow squalls that were brought upon us from the polar vortex. Temperatures dropped to single digits in the greater Boston area, but the wind chill factor made temps feel up to 20 degrees below freezing. This kind of cold weather is dangerous and experts are advising everyone to stay safe.

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