11-Year-Old Boy Struck in Hit-and-Run in Laconia, NH

The incident happened Sunday night around 10:30 in the Cumberland Farms parking lot

The last night of vacation for an 11-year-old Massachusetts boy took a terrifying turn when he was hit by a car in Laconia, New Hampshire.

Laconia Police were searching for the driver who they say took off after hitting Aidan Baez, who is now back home in Lawrence with his family.

"We're still in shock," his mom, Yadire Baez, in an interview with necn Monday afternoon.

Surveillance cameras captured it all. Aidan and his 17-year-old cousin, Anthony, walk into the Weirs Beach Cumberland Farms to get a snack at about 10:20 p.m. Sunday. When they come out, police say the driver of a red, four-door sedan backs up without looking.

"The female in the vehicle was yelling, 'stop, stop,' to the driver," explained Laconia Police Sgt. Gary Hubbard. "But he didn't stop."

Aidan explains that terrifying moment.

"Anthony tried to pull me out of the way, and when the guy came, he backed up too fast and he hit me with the bumper, ran over my foot a little bit, and ran away," Aidan recalled.

It's easy to see Anthony drop his pizza, but it's tough to see Aidan in the surveillance video. At just over four feet tall, police say he's hidden behind the car when he's knocked down. You can't see him until he stands up and tries to run away.

"I was trying to limp to the sidewalk," he said.

"We're very lucky, he's only 60 pounds, so a car hitting him is a lot," said Aidan's dad, Michael.

Even though his injuries aren't too bad, Aidan says it's still one of the scariest nights of his life.

"Nervous and scared," Aidan said. " He looked at me before he drove away."

When asked whether the driver said anything, Aidan responded, "No, he just drove away."

Late Monday afternoon, Laconia Police said the driver, who has not been identified, went to police headquarters to speak with them. The investigation is ongoing.

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