• Zoo New England Jun 10

    Zoo New England Is Welcoming 3 Baby Animals, and Yes, They're Adorable

    It’s a cuteness overload at Boston-area zoos this season.  Franklin Park Zoo in Boston recently welcomed two scaly-sided merganser ducklings, while Stone Zoo in Stoneham is now home to a prehensile-tailed porcupette according to Zoo New England. The scaly-sided merganser ducklings arrived in the spring and weigh just a quarter of a pound each. The fluffy-looking ducklings are members...

  • Animal Abuse Oct 15, 2020

    2 Maine Officers Charged With Animal Abuse, Reportedly Over Beating Porcupines

    Two Maine police officers have been fired after being accused, according to a report in newspaper, of beating porcupines to death. Earlier this month, a story in the Courier-Gazette, a weekly newspaper in Rockland, reported that two officers at the city police department had been charged with animal cruelty for beating porcupines to death. The report cited “an investigator’s...

  • Maine Oct 15, 2020

    2 Maine Police Officers Charged With Animal Abuse

    Two police Maine officers have been fired after reportedly beating porcupines to death.

  • porcupine Jul 12, 2020

    Dog Has Painful Encounter With Porcupine

    Poor pup! Kona had an encounter with a porcupine earlier this week that ended with a painful recovery. The Veterinary Emergency Center of Canton, Connecticut warns that porcupines are native to that area. A porcupine’s quills are barbed on one end and require veterinary help to be removed, the vet advised. The veterinary hospital said Kona was put under...

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