• Japan Oct 15, 2019

    Death Toll, Damages Climb From Typhoon Hagibis

    The death toll from Typhoon Hagibis climbed to 53 on Tuesday, days after it tore through Japan and left hundreds of thousands of homes wrecked, flooded or out of power. Hagibis caused more than 200 rivers to overflow when it hit the island nation on Saturday.

  • Japan Oct 15, 2019

    Japan Looks for Missing After Typhoon, Warns of Mudslides

    Rescue crews in Japan dug through mudslides and searched near swollen rivers Monday as they looked for those missing from a typhoon that left as many as 36 dead and caused serious damage in central and northern Japan. Typhoon Hagibis unleashed torrents of rain and strong winds Saturday that left thousands of homes on Japan’s main island flooded, damaged or...

  • Canada Oct 13, 2019

    Typhoon Leaves as Many as 33 Dead as Japan Continues Rescue

    Helicopters, boats and thousands of troops were deployed across Japan to rescue people stranded in flooded homes Sunday, as the death toll from a ferocious typhoon climbed to as high as 33. One woman fell to her death as she was being placed inside a rescue helicopter. Typhoon Hagibis made landfall south of Tokyo on Saturday evening and battered central...

  • food Oct 12, 2019

    Heavy Rain, Winds Lash Tokyo as Powerful Typhoon Hits Japan

    A heavy downpour and strong winds pounded Tokyo and surrounding areas on Saturday as a powerful typhoon forecast to be Japan’s worst in six decades made landfall southwest of Tokyo, with streets, beaches and train stations deserted. Store shelves were bare after people stocked up on water and food ahead of Typhoon Hagibis. The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of dangerously...

  • food Oct 11, 2019

    Typhoon May Bring 2 Feet of Rain, Strong Winds to Tokyo Area

    A powerful typhoon is forecast to bring up to 31 inches (80 centimeters) of rain and damaging winds to the Tokyo area and Japan’s Pacific coast this weekend, and the government is warning residents to stockpile necessities and leave high-risk places before it’s too dangerous. Rugby World Cup matches and other events were canceled on Saturday, and flights and train...

  • food Oct 7, 2019

    ‘Miracle' Dog Rescued From Rubble Weeks After Hurricane Dorian

    A dog now called “Miracle” was rescued from the rubble of Hurricane Dorian weeks after the storm ravaged the Bahamas.

  • Japan Jul 29, 2018

    Tropical Storm Hits Japan, Heads for Hard-Hit Western Region

    A tropical storm in Japan disrupted transportation and knocked out power to thousands of homes in its path as it headed west toward a region still recovering from devastating rains earlier this month. At least 16 people have been injured, according to a tally by Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK. Tropical Storm Jongdari made landfall about 1 a.m. Sunday in central...

  • Japan Jan 23, 2018

    12 Skiers Hurt by Flying Rocks on Japanese Volcano

    Twelve people, including eight soldiers, skiing on the slopes of a volcano near a famous hot spring resort in central Japan were injured Tuesday by flying rocks during a sudden eruption, officials said. One soldier later died. The eruption quickly darkened the ski slope at Mount Kusatsu-Shirane with black ash, as volcanic rocks rained down on gondolas and people skiing...

  • California Apr 29, 2016

    Solar-Powered Plane's Historic Trip Delayed

    Live to fly another day – that’s what the Solar Impulse 2 will have to do. The solar plane landed in Mountain View late Saturday and instead of taking off Friday, as planned, the 2.5-ton plane will rest and recharge inside an inflatable hanger until Monday because of weather conditions at its next destination.

  • China Apr 24, 2016

    Solar Plane Travelling on Around-the-World Journey to Land in Bay Area

    The pilot of a solar-powered airplane on an around-the-world journey said Saturday that stopping in California’s Silicon Valley will help link the daring project to the pioneering spirit of the area.

  • Russia Jan 4, 2016

    Japan's Abe Seeks to Burnish Legacy Ahead of Election

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, stymied by a still sputtering economy, is seeking to burnish his legacy and shore up support ahead of an election in the summer....
    “Challenges, challenges and still more challenges,” Abe said in summing up the coming year in a nationally televised news conference Monday. Abe said he expects to make progress on sweeping reforms he has...

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