• Vermont Dec 24, 2021

    After Fire Destroys Town's Snow Plows, It Receives Much-Needed Loaners

    A town in Vermont’s Chittenden County is breathing a sigh of relief after help from the state will allow it to clear snow from roadways after a massive fire destroyed its normal plow fleet. “It could be a big blow to the town,” worried Justin Gelinas of Charlotte, who was checking out the damage left by Wednesday night’s fire...

  • snow plows Dec 7, 2021

    With Snow Headed for Mass., Are Cities and Homeowners Ready to Plow It?

    As landscapers transition seemingly overnight from fall leaf cleanup to winter snow removal, their services are definitely in high demand this year. “I’m hoping for snow,” plow truck driver Asmin Fabian said. Plow driver Julian Rios said, “Hopefully we get a storm, hopefully not, but that’s money in our pockets, you know? We plow. We do it, rise and...

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