• stimulus checks Apr 17, 2020

    Used a Tax-Prep Service? Your Stimulus Check May Be Delayed

    Millions of Americans may have had their coronavirus stimulus payments held up by glitches if they were customers of tax preparation services, according to a new report. Here’s why those payments could have been delayed, and what one major tax preparation service is saying about the issue.

  • New Jersey May 3, 2019

    Why That IRS Calculator Might Not Be Enough to Pinpoint Your 2019 Tax Liability

    Hoping to avoid a tax surprise for 2019? Talk to your accountant before you use the IRS tax withholding calculator. That’s because user error and failure to consider state and local taxes could result in incorrect adjustments to the income taxes you have withheld at work. The 2018 tax year brought in a host of changes for filers as they...

  • Congress Feb 22, 2019

    This Group of Americans Will Most Likely Get the Biggest Tax Refunds

    A handful of early tax filers are seeing unexpectedly low refunds, or worse, owing money to the IRS. But not everyone is in for an unpleasant surprise. Many people are watching this tax season more closely than usual because it’s the first time the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is in effect for a full tax year. The new law,...

  • Congress Feb 20, 2019

    A Look at the Impact of the New Tax Law

    The first tax filing season under the new federal tax law is proving to be surprising for many Americans. Here’s a look at how some of the changes are playing out.

  • Donald Trump Feb 11, 2019

    Millions of Americans Face Lower Tax Refund Check

    The new tax bill is causing federal reimbursement checks to be lower for millions of Americans.

  • NBC News Apr 13, 2018

    The Best Tax Prep Software for Your Financial Situation

    Whether it’s to save money or for the challenge, millions of Americans prefer to prepare their tax returns themselves — with help from some do-it-yourself computer software. Consumer Reports released its annual review of the four major tax prep software companies, NBC News reported, and these are the magazine’s recommendations. For beginners, H&R Block has “simple explanations that are clear...

  • NBC News Mar 29, 2018

    Should Taxes Be Filed on Smart Phones?

    The major software products like Turbo Tax, H&R Block and TaxAct let you prepare forms on your mobile device, with apps that let you take a photo of your W-2 to populate your return. You already shop and do banking on your smartphone, but should you do your taxes this way? NBC News BETTER spoke to a number of nationally...

  • Los Angeles Sep 25, 2017

    Immigrant Sanctuary Movement Grows With Trump as President

    A Connecticut mother who has taken refuge in a church to avoid deportation is one of a dozen immigrants staying in houses of worship nationwide under a sanctuary movement invigorated by President Trump’s positions on undocumented immigration. The case of Nury Chavarria, which has received national attention, comes after the Trump administration expanded the categories of people to be deported...

  • NBC Mar 24, 2017

    TurboTax and H&R Block Profit by Blocking You From Free, Easy Returns: Analysis

    What if you could do your taxes for free, and fast? You could, but TurboTax makers Intuit and H&R Block have spent big bucks lobbying to make sure that never happens, NBC News reports. For years, tax prep companies have pushed back against “return-free filing” legislation that would have allowed the IRS to greatly simplify taxes for over 60 million...

  • Congress Mar 9, 2017

    IRS Making Big Dent in Identity Theft, Stopping $6.6B in Fraudulent Refunds in 2016

    The IRS reports that the number of identity theft victims plummeted last year after agents struggled for years to combat what has become a multibillion-dollar industry. The number of victims dropped by 46 percent, to 376,000, the tax agency said. These taxpayers had their identities stolen by criminals who used their Social Security numbers and birthdates to obtain fraudulent tax...

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